Can anyone run Electronics Wednesday this week?

It’s on our meetup calendar currently and someone has indicated they’ll be coming along.

Please let me know if I should cancel, or not :smile:

@Paul_Buckley @clixx_io

I could “open” the place. But I can in no way help with anything electronic…unless the theme is “break stuff”.

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Ill be there

As will I.

Hey everyone, are we opening tomorrow? @Paul_Buckley @clixx_io @Ken_Taylor

Im in Tokyo and will visit the Tokyo Hackerspace and unfortunately wont be back for a few weeks.

Excellent! We demand pictures :slight_smile:

So I guess no meeting tonight (4/May)…

I thought @crashman39 and @Amr_Tawfik were opening? Space probe suggests it’s still open

@eyal you could always ring (02) 6112 6880 and see who answers :slight_smile:

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Hi all
I will be openning the space from 1815 till 2130 approx on 18/05/16

Here is a photo of Asimo from the History section in Akihabara.

The photo`s for Tokyo Hackerspace are on my other camera.

Spent a lot of time in Tool Shops - it`s not like Fyshwick


Lot`s of hacking junk

Video Recorders:

Even a microscope:

at Tokyo Hackerspace:


I can this week if the slot is available.

I’ve been able to 3D print some cases for the 18650 batteries from a design that a guy at work did.which turned out quite well.


Excellent, I’ll schedule it.

I ended up having a car wheel bearing fail unexpectedly so it will have to be next time after I get it repaired.

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