Broken Lock on Main Entryway

Just a heads up, one of the locks is broken so the space will be inaccessible for keyholders for the next few hours.
Locksmith’s deployed, and the space should still open tonight as planned.

A polite reminder that just because something breaks at the space when you’re using it doesn’t mean that you broke it. It just means that it broke.
If anything as the space fails when you’re there, please post on the forum or let a committee member know so it can be rectified post-haste.
It would have been unfortunate if I hadn’t dropped in now and found the lock broken so it could be repaired for tonight, however this may have been avoided entirely if someone who noticed the lock was damaged reported it.
I’m not saying anyone knew, Steve said it was stiff when he last used it, it could have simply failed in time. Still, please let us know if anything breaks.

Heavens knows how much stuff in the space happens to have broken just at the very moment I was using it by pure coincidence.

Lock’s gone. Space is open now till late.

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