Board Games?

This LAN night thing got me thinking…wouldn’t it be cool if we had a whole bunch of social board games/video games at the space? Like we’re all nerds anyways. Why not stock the place with some nerd activities? Might make it just a really fun place to hang out. (Which would result in more space openings).

I can donate a few games, cards, pokerchips, really old MTG cards and a couple of old consoles.

We’re gonna make Giralang awesome!


This is a good plan. Board games are cool (and don’t have networking impediments!) :grinning:

I will try to locate some games too :game_die::video_game:


I was (also) thinking of playing board games some time at the space.

How about we play one evening at MHV?

If you are interested you can fill in times your available at:

Reply with any comments, suggestions etc.

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