Board Game Night @ MHV Tues 17th

Tuesday 17th Dec - 6.30-9.30

Eh? But we just had a show&tell!? Well heck why can’t we do something fun next Tuesday as well?

Our regular Tuesday meetups will be still going on as planned (especially since I hadn’t asked permission to even host this :stuck_out_tongue: ) . I just thought I’d bring board games and play with anyone interested.

So if you wanted to come and tidy up or work on stuff please do. But if you feel like chilling and playing a game of something then its on like Donkey Kong (or maybe more like Talisman, but that just doesn’t sound as good).


Just a reminder that I’ll be bringing a couple of boardgames tonight to play with anyone up for a game.
Feel free to bring any games as well.

See y’all tonight 6.30

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