Hi All,

I know there has been some talk in the past (ping @tpack, @Amr_Tawfik) about building a forge for blacksmithing and knifemaking - @Rurik and I have been talking about it the last few days and plan to start something once Ben’s uni is on break (in a few weeks).

Is there interest in the community outside of Ben and myself?


Hell yeah! Whilst I’ve been distracted by other activities I am keen on a forge.

I recently obtained a manifold so I can feed my forge burner with two gas cylinders to prevent freeze up, I just need to obtain a fire brick to replace the one that broke for my forge due to burner thermal expansion. Also need to get the second cylinder and refill the other.

I got the manifold from Gamco artisan supplies for about $60-70 shipped

I have some surplus rebar in my stash of goodies too that I am happy to donate towards a set of space forging tongs :grin:




i think my wife will be interested .