Big Metal Skirting thing in Workshop Shed...(Sorry Jack. It fell)

Yesterday we tried to add the skirting thing in the workshop with glue. It fell and is resting in the workshop room. Please be mindful of it and don’t trip/break it.

Jack, it didn’t hold up at all I’m afraid. As soon as I removed the clamps it came down. It could really use something underneath it blocking it from falling. Perhaps we can wedge something in that tiny gap? A well placed nail on each side might do it, but not sure if we’d be able to fit one in…

Thanks for your help yesterday. No worries. I have a fallback plan in mind. It is a fair bit more difficult, which is why I tried gluing first. - Jack.

No worries. Please don’t do anything that’s a hazard to your health.

I plan to use the existing screws - the problem is location of the holes in the skirting.
There will be be no drilling of new holes in the asbestos.