Band saw blade

Does anyone know where to get correct blades for the bandsaw?

The other day the blade snapped. I’m working on a project as an xmas gift so I’m keen to fix it.
I tried purchasing a replacement from bunnings but there where only a couple blade sizes on display and the closet one dosn’t fit.

@Amr_Tawfik and @devdsp I think you have purchased blades before…

Ryobi? What’s the model number?

The model may be bs230, will confirm.

The blade seems to be 59.5 inch / 1512mm long, 6mm wide, 14tpi

The model is EBW4023L

I Visited Home timber & hardware, and Sydney tools, neither have stock.

I also bought some silver solder and tried braising the broken blade back together. It worked for a moment then snapped 5mm further along.

I might have to, though the last thing I tried special order from bunnings never came…

there is at least one place in Fyshwick - ping me tomorrow if needed and I will ask mens shed contact for details

Thanks Spencer, I’ll try searching Fyshwick on Monday.
Bloke at Sydney tools suggested ‘PM’ or ‘PR’ - didn’t quite catch it.
But if you have any suggestions I try there also.

I bought the current one. Pretty sure I got it from Bunnings belco.

Maybe they were out of stock?

Yay, I tracked one down in Fyshwick,

thanks all.

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