Arduino / Rasperry-Pi / IoT hack nights in 2017

It looks like I’ll have some time this year every second week. I was stuck with work commitments last year and after going to Europe managed to get some position in the manufacturing of CNC related equipment.

I was thinking that I could commit to running Arduino / rpi / iot hack nights every two weeks on a rotating basis where people could bring along their projects and get assistance or just hang out.

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Hi David. I expect the usual Wed Electronics will continue, though so far no one was “running” it. Nevertheless any proactive participants will surely be welcome.

I’d be interested in this…My NYR is to actually turn up to MHV and learn new stuff



The thing is that I really struggle with “Electronics”. I’m a computer-geek at heart and like everything to be Digital where possible compared to being Analog. I don’t see Arduino’s and rPi’s as “electronics”. To me they are just computers. But if it has to be labelled as such there’s not so much that I can do I guess. Or maybe do it on a different night so not to clash.

So when I was thinking about an “Arduino themed night”, basically just concentrate on issues surrounding the development on Arduino. Likewise for the Raspberry-Pi and IoT nights. Otherwise everything gets confusing if it’s just “anything goes” - if you know what I mean.

Splitting it up might sound good in theory, but I just don’t think we have enough people coming along to make it work.

It might have been labelled “electronics night”, but it’s not like people turn up and do much actual electronic hardware work. If we change the name it’s not going to effect any of the current people the turn up.

I think if you’ve got an idea for a format that’s going to get more people interested in coming along regularly and getting involved then give it a try.

Hi Eyal
I will be still running the wednesday nights just last week family got in the eway :frowning:

but thats life and i will see you next Wednesday night

@crashman39 Sure, see you there Wednesday.