April 19, 2016 07:00PM MHV invited to speak at Belconnen Community Council

We’ve been invited to speak at the next Belconnen Community Council, Tuesday April 19 at 7PM at the regulary library space!

This is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of MHV and connect with other volunteers in the Belconnen community.

A rough list of things I hope we can cover:

  • An explanation of makerspaces, different models used around the world, other spaces in Australia (they’re everywhere!)
  • Cool things that have come from maker/hackerspaces generally, and MHV specifically
  • Brief history of MHV, some activity/membership stats, how it currently works, inclusive culture
  • A photo reel of fun things MHV members have created
  • Challenges (Eg. nomadic existence, acquisition of expensive equipment) and opportunities

Please, please, please - if you are interested in contributing in any way (up to and including doing some or all of the speaking :D) I’d be very grateful!

I need:

  • Gadgets and things members have made that I can show people (either on stage or passed around)!
  • Pictures and videos of things we’ve made and/or past meetups!
  • Stories, particularly from pre-2014 when I wasn’t around!
  • Links to the above!
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I’ve also invited ANU Makers to come along, awaiting a response

@devdsp’s slides from ACS2012 http://devdsp.com/mhv-acs2012-sides.tgz

I will have a look for things I have that can be shown off, and passed around.
Probably mostly 3d printed junk from me.

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Its would probably look good to take the UAV challenge and gov-hack awards.

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Thanks Ian, that’d be great :slight_smile:

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If it fits, I could give you the finished products from these to take along:

That’d fantastic! I think modding/extending off the shelf products is absolutely something we should show. How would you like to handle the lending arrangement?

Alright, here is some stuff for the talk.

I have some physical items I will drop off, and some digital only things documented here. Below is an explanation of each digital project and how it relates to selling points of MHV for the presentation. I have obtained permission to use of Joy’s photos in the talk. Feel free to use / not use everything as you find appropriate.

Joyjii design - designer fashion integrating 3d printing
This is an example of collaboration between people from different disciplines and interests. I met Joy at MHV when she came looking for help with 3d printing. I helped her explore ideas and came up with a way to integrate 3d geometry into her clothing designs. I wrote software to convert her designs into printable models and experimented fixing the prints onto fabric. I lent her my printer to use, and took over printing when time pressures required. The software was developed, and all printing occurred at MHV. Her 3d printed designs where integrated into necklaces, clothing, phone cases, and tablet cases.

Splodgel is a mobile game I made at MHV. MHV is acknowledged in the About section with a link to the MHV webpage. It is a very short (micro) game with five levels and all original music, sounds, code, and graphics. MHV has benefits to all types of projects and facilitated Splodgel by providing somewhere for the game to be developed as well as simple resources like internet.
Splodgel on google play store

This is a car that was entered into the MHV Vehicle Competition.
MHV inspires and challenges its members; the MHV Vehicle Competition run by Stephen, was a formal example of this. Sadly, the actual car has been lost. The car was designed, printed, wired and assembled at MHV. It was designed with OpenSCAD, based on Ardunio style breakout modules, and programed with the .Net micro framework. More images can be found at
Darrell Burkey - Flicker

Comments on some other MHV activities worth selling
The MHV community exists as a physical place at Ginninderra House and as an active online presence. The forum, previously the mail list, and Paul’s work with social media, includes members and facilitates collaboration regardless of location.

The Friday night video sessions demonstrate how the space promotes creating interest in, and starts conversations about, topics important to the group.

Workshops show how the space educates its members, shares skills, and empowers people to do and create. Past workshops have covered things like Arduino and Unity.

Not everything happens at once or continuously, but is has all happened.

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This is amazing @ian, thanks! I definitely am not familiar with many of the goings on at MHV, much appreciated.

This was heaps of fun, and the Belconnen Community Council audience seemed rather impressed!

The combination of a photo story presentation and @ian & @Harvs projects really sold MHV quite well I think

Thanks @jambulance & @CarlosPeco for moral support :smile:

Slide deck at MHV at Belconnen Community Council - Google Slides