Apr 27, 2016 07:00PM: Electronics Wednesday - Internets of Things

event created by: Paul Harvey

Paul.B, Ken and others will be around this Wednesday night, likely talking about and hacking on Internet of Things things, likely our dear old friend at MHV - the ESP8266 :slight_smile:

Ken’s latest update is at Connecting The ESP8266 To WiFi Using Only A Web Browser

Open for 150.0 minutes, closing at Apr 27, 2016 09:30PM

Please check the MHV Calendar for the latest information about events.

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Change of plan for me. Eyal has convinced me to go to this talk http://www.crarc.ampr.org/pipermail/vk1-news/2016-April/001140.html on using an ESP8266 in an electronic badge. It was the Bsides conference badge and will be a variation on the presentation at Bsides that I saw and thought was interesting.

Other ESP8266 enthusiasts may also be tempted to attend. Location “Mount Mugga Scout Hall” 17 Astrolabe Street in Red Hill at 8pm.