Anyone working with Micropython?

I’m looking at building an open data logger for field measurement, similar to some of the really quite expensive commercial offerings.

One feature of this particular commercial product is the user application is programmed in a BASIC like language, which is stored in its text form on the logger. So when presented with one of these devices that needs the application ‘adjusting’, you don’t need to go tracking down the source code and software tool chain, it’s as easy as plugging in, downloading the script, modifying and uploading. This has made a significant difference to the success of several campaigns I’ve been a part of.

Fast forward to present day software, and I’m thinking of using micropython for the ‘application layer’ stuff on a STM32, with all the normal hardware interaction being compiled C. Given the widespread familiarity simple python these days, it may be an ideal candidate.

It would be great to have a chat to anyone working with micropython in it’s current form, and any experiences positive or negative.