Anyone travelling from the city or Queanbeyan to the space in the future?

If I ask Google, it says it’s an amazing 2.5 hours from my house to the space via bus.

Is anyone travelling to the space from the city, or better, from Queanbeyan? If so, can I have a lift? The one constraint is you’d have to fit a wheelchair in.

Adam, have you had any luck getting a lift? Which day/days did you plan on going to MHV? I don’t go often myself yet but I’d like to help you out if I can.

Rene Konrad

Hey there,

I’ve actually just moved from Sydney to Queanbeyan and I’m interested in joining MHV. You’d be welcome to tag along with me if you’d like - my car ought to be pretty easy to get in and out of, and I should be able to fit a wheelchair in the boot if it folds up.

  • Tim

@Rene and @timix - I should check this forum more often!

PM me for a phone number - I’d still love to get out to the space more often.

Adam, I’m happy to help out when I can. Let me know when you want to attend and I’ll work something out and maybe share the trips with Tim if he’s able. I usually attend the Wednesday electronics meetup but have attended Tuesday as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Rene, are you sure you want to post your phone number publicly like that?