Anyone interested in PCB etching?

I have the full Kinsten PCB system I’m getting rid of (double side UV exposure box, special transparent paper, PCB material, developer, etchant, bubble etch tank.)

Photo chemicals are out of date, but still might be worth a try using them. You can still buy all the boards and developer for a couple of dollars, e.g.

I don’t want to dump it on the space, but if anyone is interested in having a play I’m more than happy to donate it rather than the alternatives.

Might be useful for some art use cases as well (I’ve heard of people exposing and etching various materials.)

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Chemicals aside, I think a PCB etching setup would be fantastic for the space.
I’m curious what other people think, but as far as I’m concerned it would be a good addition.
Failing that I’d love to take it off your hands, however I’m not quite sure if I have the space for a setup right now. If no-one else is interested, however, I’ll make sure it gets good use.

Thanks Derryn,
once again, very generous support.

My vote is a big yes. Imagine I will be motivated into using it soon.


No worries I’ll drop it in on Wednesday. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t dropping more ‘stuff’ in the space that no one would use.

For cases like that we’re more worried about people leaving 20 VCR’s or broken CRT’s that e-waste recycling won’t take for free. As far as tools go, if they’re in working condition, we’re usually pretty happy to accept.
Thank you very much for your generous offer, I’m sure it’ll get itself plenty of use.

e waste will take crts and vcrs for free its pc’s and mother boards they charge you for