Anyone do hobby 3d printing?

Looking to get my dust extraction at home up to stuff with the shutdown, but I need some adaptors for the cyclone. Looking to get the following 2 items printed:

Seeing as it’s a one off, I figured I ask those that tinker with it rather than going commercial.


Those adapters look very nice.

I’ve been running an almost identical setup duct taped on for about 10yrs now :blush:

Here’s hoping mine lasts just as long :slight_smile:

I can’t remember what I paid for the cyclone, maybe $50 off aliexpress, mounted on a bucket. Fabulous bit gear, nothing ever gets through.

I’ve thought about cutting my karcher vac down since the collection bin never has anything in it. However since I never got past duct taping the hoses on, there’s probably not much chance of that happening!