Any interest in prototyping a radio telescope

Anyone interested in a small project - with big dreams -that is piloting school programs to the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST). This is a radio telescope 45 minutes from CBD.

Our vision is to engage and inspire young people in science by allowing them to use small radio telescopes and problem solve a real problem scientists have faced.

Before this can be achieved, there is a need to prototype a radio telescope …which is where help is needed!

If you are interested, reply here & I will pass this thread back to the project originator.

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Thank you for posting. I was told to dream big by a fellow member of MOST who continued to talk about how Questacon began from a guy asking for help, so hopefully something can begin. If anyone is interested to hear more, just give a shout out!

A quick search on Hackaday tells me that this isn’t as far fetched as I initially suspected it’d be.
I don’t have much astronomy experience myself, but I’ll do some further reading to try and see precisely how out of my depth I am here.
Giving students access to otherwise prohibitive tools always generates fascinating results.

Check this out