Additional powerpoints

Good job @jambulance , though I suggest nothing be placed on top the coffee machine as the top flap needs to be accessible, e.g. when beans are put in.

And while mentioning the coffee machine, there is an issue where the power board (beside the micro and shared with the kettle) regularly cuts off (overloaded) so a different arrangement is required. More wall sockets?

Makes sense - I suspect we can probably cull the amount of different teas and things we have there - I think some of those boxes made the trek with us from Belconnen!

We have a quote to install some more power points in the building. I think we’re going to need to priortise them though - @crashman39 is working on understanding the impact to our funds on spending the money from the quote - once we have that understanding we’ll be in a better position to make a decision.

In previous discussions about power points (2017 maybe) I volunteered $50 for the cause. I’m still willing to put in some money today.