3D printing a couple of parts

I still don’t believe I really need another machine in my house :slight_smile: So I’m looking at options to get a couple of parts 3D printed without buying a printer myself.

From a bit of looking around, it doesn’t look like commercial services in Australia are in the same sort of ubiquitous manner they are in the US (I read about people ordering printing services similar to photo printing here.)

Overseas services are hampered by the usual delivery problems (cost and/or time).

Are there any options that I haven’t thought of?

If it matters, first thing is a din rail battery holder for my grid dsp project. Each side is about 110x75x18mm. This will clip onto the rail next to a battery backed power supply https://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/mean-well-usa-inc/DRC-40A/1866-1428-ND/7702893

However I’ll probably need a few more bits and pieces by the end of this project, so it would be good to have a go-to option.