3d printer kit build

I’ve just (finally) recieved a rigidbot 3d printer kit and am slightly intimidated by the idea of putting it together. Me and another guy who just got the same kit were thinking we might try putting it together at MHV so that we might be able to pick the brains of any 3d printer gurus who might be around. So we were wondering if the space is likely to be open on Sunday, and if it is, if any 3d printer ninjas might be willing to lend a hand if we get stuck.

Have you made any progress putting together your printer? We did open on Sunday but not planned ahead so only announced when it opened. One of the people there was even working on a 3D printer rebuild. Is there another time that you are interested in coming in?

Thanks. I ended up putting it together. Wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I’d feared. Now I just have to figure out wiring, calibration and software.