21 September, 6:30PM: Electronics, 7:30PM: PCB Manufacture

I’ve been talking about doing a PCB design workshop for a while. Since a few people are going down the road of learning to design boards, it would be good to start this off.

It’s a bit of a large topic to bite off in one chew, so lets start off talking about all the options and design rules you get from your PCB manufacturer and what they mean to your design.

I’ll do it as an informal session running through the rules/capabilities of a couple of the more popular PCB manufacturers for hackers, with some of my own examples to show the physical aspects of what it means.

If someone’s opening the space this Wed, 21 Sep, I’ll do it then. Kick off about 1930 ish, with a timeframe of about an hour.

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Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1092105290838331/

We’ll definitely have someone opening up tomorrow, sounds great!

Thanks Derryn for a great talk, sadly I only caught the end! Here’s some of the PCBs discussed:

Just a quick query… are there Arduino Fans that attend Electronic Wednesdays?

Got a friend having issues with his and wondering if i should direct him here…

Your friend has nothing to lose by attending, and a good chance of getting some help. We probably all played with an Arduino at some point.