2016-02-09 Committee Meeting - we need a new home :)

Agenda: ACTPG have advised that we need to move on in 6-12 months.

  • We’re happy to not drag it out - if something comes up sooner, we’ll take it.
  • Priorities:
    • Something that’s less hostile to low-mobility people and wheelchair users
    • AGM eventually
  • No problems w/hosting Aussie 3D printers temporary donation
    • Acknowledgement of donor next to or on printer OK
    • MHV can’t compensate in the event of damage or loss


Absent until after:

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The obvious question is will ACTPG assist or offer new premises? to replace the current facilities? or will something entirely separate be needed?

The land is being released back to LDA, presumably for commercial development. If the future development plans for the site have thought of MHV, then we are unaware of it… So it’s a safe bet this is the beginning of the end of our presence at lake gininderra.

We absolutely don’t want to see people stop coming in and waiting for us to move… No reason to live in limbo unnecessarily.

ACTPG are working with us, they value our service of occupying empty buildings :smile: However, as usual, ACTPG has only a limited supply of buildings and even those aren’t universally suitable for MHV activities. We’ll know more in coming months, I assume.

It was agreed that we should still develop other opportunities as well. Even if we still end up with ACTPG for our next lease, we all agreed that we should still try to reach out more to other community services/organizations/initiatives for the long term.

The main limiting factors are of course the available volunteer hours and our donation cash flow, whilst steady, doesn’t currently support a radical sudden change in the expenses we’d be able to carry.

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