2.4GHz Antennas

Anyone have a use for a couple of 2.4GHz Yagi’s?

I can give you ufl pigtails to go to ESPs and the like. Just leftovers from a job.

I can use these. I built a few cantennas and am willing to give a yagi a go.

I’ll bring them in Wednesday night then?

@Harvs Thanks, I plan to attend this Wed.

Just remembered that I did try to build a yagi

It did not perform better than the cantenna, but needed more work to fix the wires and probably trim the wires better. It was very sensitive to any adjustment. BTW, the two missing wires fell when I took the picture…

I’ve had pretty good success with cantenna’s in the past, and I’m not convinced real world gain will be any higher with a Yagi in the ‘normal’ real world.

However, a Yagi like these are a whole lot easier to mount on something and wire in than a DIY cantenna.