10/03/2015 - Community Meeting / Simple Github Workshop

Hey All,

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) the space will be open for our weekly Community Meetup. It’s a good opportunity to come along and see what other people have been working, and even show us what you’ve been working on. Or just have a chat - we like chats :smile:

I’ll also be running a friend through a quick intro to git and github - if anyone wants to join us, you’re very welcome to! He won’t be in until around 8, so lets say 8:15ish start for the Git/hub bikeshed.

There is also quite a bit of salad left over from today’s BBQ lunch, so @brenda and I were thinking we’d fire up the BBQ tomorrow night for dinner - bring along some meat to sacrifice to the charcoal gods if you’d like to join us in our pilgrimage.

Hope to see you there,

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