1.75mm PLA and ABS filament - Saturday 4th October

Hey all,

I plan to be down in Canberra this coming Saturday and can bring my stock of 1.75mm printer filament for sale. Most of the stock is Australian-made Lybina filament.


I also have a stock of metaAU’s V-slot aluminium extrusion with compatible wheels and bearings. This is a local version of OpenBuild’s v-slot in the 20x40mm format. There are some very small variations (i.e. not identical) so I worked with metaAU to create a compatible V-wheel that keeps the axles on the same 20mm module spacing. The V wheels use 625 (5mm axle) or 688 bearings (8mm axle). I have stock of 625’s.

V-slot extrusion is $15/m.
Delrin V-wheels $1.50.
625 bearings $1.30 each (two per wheel needed)


Looks like I am not going to make it down tomorrow. If anyone is interested in these items please contact me off list.