Workshop Metal Door new skirting things making lots of noise

So, not sure if anyone noticed, but the new Metal skirting thing Jack added on the workshop was blowing back and forth in the wind and making a butt load of noise when there’s any sort of gust.

Now I don’t want to sound soft complaining about a bit of noise, but I reckon it was pretty bad and would really annoy passerbys and cause hearing loss for anyone working in the shop for a prolongued amount of time.

I was in today and out of frustration I duct taped a bit of cardboard on the edges. This only helped dampen the sound but it might be passable now. I did it on my way out, so I’m not sure if it worked well enough or if it’ll stay up when the gate is opened.

I consider what I did a temporary solution. I don’t think I did it well and I think it blowing back and forth like that might eventually make the whole thing fall off again. Anyways would love to hear if anyone has any other suggestions. Or even if anyone noticed the noise before?

I will look at this on Sunday afternoon or Monday.