Wanted PCI-E 64way 1mm pitch edge connector - scavenged OK

In short, want one so can test using the FR4 PCB CNC spindle in the Elecmaker CNC, without soldering onto the brushless controller.

I threw out some boards just recently, and I guess last weekends working bee also may have - oops should have thought quicker :frowning:

I can do the desoldering if someone has one to offer.

Longer story is that while the FR4 CNC works, as it has NO linear bearings we will never have better cutting accuracy than 1-2mm, due to all the slop in PCB vs rod hole sizes.

The Elecsmaker CNC has pretty good movement accuracy, but a poorer quality spindle and especially poor collet. So if the FR4 spindle can move to the Elecsmaker CNC, we would have a pretty darn good desktop mill.