Venues in Canberra

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a workshop/warehouse style venue in Canberra which would be available to hire for a week/weekend. Need a fair bit of space and considering doing something a bit different so would need to be able to do basic metalwork there. Anybody have any ideas?

Looking for somewhere to do something like this

but with this set of rules inspiring a build challenge.


I feel like the TAMS (part of the ACT Govt) depot in Fyshwick could provide plenty of space for it and they have been looking at the big hanger style building down there being used for more events.

I also think there’s plenty of space on our hard-stand/carpark area to host a robowars and would love to see this happen at MHV.

Any idea how I would get in touch with them. Still just an idea but potential place to do it is my usual step 1.


I think MLA Shane Rattenbury is still the minister in charge of TAMS. I’d probably start by asking his office who to talk to about hiring it.