Tidying Up Progress

Recently, I’ve been picking small areas of the space and slowly tidying them up.

I’m posting some progress photos hoping to show others that it doesn’t need to be a cleaning bee, and it doesn’t need to be a whole day. Just an hour here or there can really make a difference.

The parts I’ve done are by no means great or final. If you are better at organising than I am feel free to make them better!

The cables cabinet:

The front entrance box:

I was getting rid of an old filing cabinet when I realised this would be the perfect spot for it. Can’t believe we didn’t think of a better solution than the cardboard box until now!

The Power Tools:
And you all remember when me and Ian took this one on as well:

If you do any tidying it’d be cool if we all post progress photos to see how far we’ve come :slight_smile: