Sunday 4th November 2018

Hi all,

Just a quick heads up, sometime (latish) on the afternoon of the 4th November I am going to head over to the space so I can pressure wash it and do a tidy up of the out side area. This is all part of the plan to make the space look more presentable. If your free some help would be good! I will put out some fixed times closer to the date but looking at a 4pm kick off i reckon. Probably do something for dinner afterwards as well.

@ian could you please have the tap accessible and the MHV sighn down? If you need a hand let me know and I can meet you at the space to do it.

Thanks all,


I’ll plan to be there too.


I’ll probably be there too!

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also there is always a tap round to the left of the building - outside the fence.

thanks Ian, I will also keep the other tap in mind.

Count me in.

Sorry guys i’m away :confused:

All good Steve :slight_smile:

yep. I’ll have a couple of hours spare.