Suitable Tablet/Laptop for Making, Haking and Voiding Warranties

These days I mainly run a desktop PC for my computing needs and use my phone for OTG Googling etc. but am thinking the time is neigh to get a propper portable device.

I had been planing to get a Surface Pro as I’ve had one of these before and really liked the device, but since I now have a proper work horse at home a Surface Pro is probably overkill for microprocessors hacking.

Could anyone suggest a good little (and preferably cheep) hacking companion? I’m imagining something like the EeePC or the OLPC units of years gone by. While I would prefer a tablet over a notebook attributes of being small and rugged are higher priorities than the tablet form factor itself.


This isn’t much of an answer, and probably wouldn’t be of any use to you, but I do have an old broken HP laptop that is welcome to anyone who could find a use for it. (Even if it is just gut it. It still has 2 x 4 GB ram sticks ).
From memory, the issue was the screen hinge got loose/or broke and made it almost impossible to press the on button. Other than that it was a decent machine a few years ago.
(I did take the hard drive out though)

If you’re at all interested let me know and I’ll leave it at the space.

Thanks Amr but I’m thinking I’ll get a fully functional unit. I’m considering getting a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 but am just thinking it over.

Does anyone know if the “pi-top” systems would be appropriate? They kind of look like fun but I really can’t tell if they’d be up to the challenge. I suspect I may well need to run “Atmel Studio” at some stage so that may well restrict me to Win only devices.

As it is I’m still pretty new to the space and still trying to puzzle a lot of this out.

@Amr_Tawfik Is the screen still good?
Because I Can use that for raspi projects
And I can Then use other things to.

Can you leave it at the space for me and i will check it out and dispose of it when people have finished

Pretty sure it does. (If you can manage to get the power button working)
I’ll bring it in for you.

Great Thank you , i will be a way this weekend so next week some time will be great :slight_smile:

Also your scalpel is in the clear drawers above the Taz 5 printer