Space Opening: Tuesday, February 12th (The Usual)

I know we don’t usually announce the space opening on Tuesdays, but I thought I’d mention it here, because if there’s any interest, I can run a very basic “Intro to 2D laser cutting” session at around 7PM.
This’d be pretty informal, I know people are interested, but I wanna have one session to iron out any bugs before I bother creating the curriculum and resources formally.

No point me making any instructional videos for people to fall back on if I’m only gonna have to remake them with extra content.

Anyway, if interested, bring a laptop with Inkscape
(Windows The Usual, macOS

  • brew cask install xquartz
  • brew cask install inkscape

and linux, use your package manager of choice, compile from sauce, go wild.)

In the future I’d like to have copies already downloaded on a WLAN at the space, but for now please install a copy before arriving.

See ya tonight.

I’ll be in for it, may be running a little late. Won’t have a laptop but happy just to watch.

I have all the parts for a laser cutter i’ve been meaning to put together for about 2 years now. Tuesdays are good for me. I’d be keen for this.


Session ran fantastically, thanks everyone.
Can’t wait to run more in the future.

Thanks Ryan. (3.3 KB)