Space open this weekend? Can I get a key?

Anyone in this weekend? Any ideas when?

I’m pretty new and I’m finding it kind of hard to use the space. I’m very aware that this is mostly because there aren’t quite enough people at the moment working on things but it’d be great if it was open a bit more and if non key holders had a bit more of notice for it.

I’d love to put my hand up to getting a key. I completely understand it if there’s an issue giving a key to someone who just joined. This would solve all my problems though so am happy to do whatever it takes.

That being said, next Tuesday meeting I might bring this up and we can discuss if there are any ways we can make it more accessible. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

Cheers guys!

I’ll be able to do Saturday afternoon. Just need to sort out my schedule for the day and I’ll have some exact times :smile:

I’ll post something later on tonight.

(Unfortunately, we’ve only got 6 or so active keyholders. With a couple of them overseas at the moment)

Thanks Stephen! See you tomorrow!