Ruxcon Robot Wars

Hi folks,
I would like to meet this weekend with anyone that is interested in teaming up with some folks that are running the Robot Wars competition at the Ruxcon security conference in Melbourne on 18-19th October.

The premise of the competition is to take some RC vehicles and cheaply turn them into killer robots (with a few caveats). We’re also looking for help building the ring within which they will fight. All materials will be provided, we’re just looking for cool ideas and skilled hands.

Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll organise a time to meet up at the space. Either respond to the forum or email me at


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I’m interested in helping out. I think my Saturday afternoon is free at the moment.

Sounds like fun. I’ll be there depending on the time that you decide.

Is it ok if I post a link to this in a couple of places on Facebook?

Sorry for the lack of day/time folks. I have a full Saturday but can catch up anytime on Sunday, from breakfast on. Can have a chat over breakfast/lunch at Black Pepper on Sunday if that suits anyone.

Please keep me posted about date and time of the activities. I will be there to help (being arms and legs) if I am available.

Ok, I’ve been authorised for a lunch meet. See interested parties at Black Pepper for lunch (that’s 12 midday) :wink:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: