RP3 & Win10 IOT core

Anyone had any experience with the MS IOT solution yet?

Wondering how it performs, particularly with respect to moving data in and out of the lower level interfaces at decent speed (SPI, UART etc.) Doesn’t seem to be many (if any) projects in the open doing this.

The demonstrations that I saw Microsoft do didn’t even work properly.

They’re more focused on having it as part of their strategic offering I’d say rather than as something that actually does something.

It seemed to be quite good for streaming data to. It would convert all your data values into table columns quite easily.

That’s my experience so far of an hour trying to get a dev environment setup.

To me, it so far looks like they’ve over done the “lets make IOT easy for everyone”, which inevitably all comes crashing down when you hit the slightest difference from their test environment (e.g. a simple permissions issues.)

I was hoping for a image I could apply with DISM and then configure with powershell, not some half baked Win10 only setup app.

After my attempts at W10 IOT, I discovered the mono project which allows .NET executables to be run cross platform.

I’d heard of it before but expected it to be pretty average as a lot of these sort of things are. Turns out it seems to be very good. So that solves my wish of using C#, with the portability of the being using on any of the linux supported board.