Robot Ideas

Hi all,
this one came through on a feed today. Thought it might interest some of you here (@Paul).

Nice! Will be interesting to see how far all the other variations/modules go!

ps - did you see my msg about Mill tools are ones in picture OK? Also what cutting depth do you want? eg 2/3/4mm?

Ok, looks like I need to check the forum a bit more often.

Have to say, this is a pretty cool concept and would definitely be interested in knowing a bit more about how a design is uploaded and executed by the on board arduino.

Probably a couple of ways to reduce the overshooting problem shown in the video (and in general with hobby servo motors). The first being to provide the servos with a ‘ramped’ signal, that would mean steadily increasing the pulse widths provided to produce a slower rotational acceleration. The benefits would be of course reduced current draw (power usage, longer battery life etc.) as well as reducing the wear and tear on the gear drivetrain.

The other alternative would be to ‘tap’ the positional feedback pot inside the servo and connect this to IO on the arduino, reading the voltage thus obtaining a rotational value of the pot thus the servo.

just my two cents. Steve, thanks for sharing.