Request for help: Ideas for the space, and photos

Hi Everyone,

I’ve started a document to plan / jot down what we’d like the space to be and how to make it that. I know you get out what you put in, and I haven’t been putting in a much as I want; but maybe this will help us all get on the same space and trigger ideas in each others head and feed collaboration.

The document is open for anyone with the link to comment (I didn’t want to make it “edit” in case we ended up with a lot of spam, but if you want editing rights if you email me your gdoc account (my email is on the contacts page) I can add you, or your edits if you’d prefer not to sign up to gdocs.

I have the new website almost ready to go up in a temp location and github so others can make changes before we replace the current one. Just need to hunt down some good photos. If you have any, please link them to me :slight_smile:



Love this. We all need to put effort in and tick off these boxes. In general I think we need the place to look and be much friendlier. A colourful paint job on the outside could be pretty cool.

Good work Jamie!

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