Raspberry pi Jam Weekend of April 21-22nd

Hi all ,
I’m looking to run a Raspberry Pi jam on the weekend of 21-22nd of April, this is the weekend in the middle of the next School Holidays.

The Jam will only run for 4 hours on the Saturday afternoon, this is the first one i will be running and would like to see what numbers will turn up.

AT the social night , people had said they had old lap tops and offers of help.

If you would like to help please answer here.


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I can come and help.

If you give a link to info on that setup you demoed the other day (ie no HDMI, just direct USB control of IO), then maybe I can bring laptop & USB(s) pre-configured. Can also bring on pi-zeroW


I would be happy to chip in some money for a few of these and help build a beginners kit for the space. We could print off a remodelled version of the mount (I think the base needs to be thicker) and get some prototyping boards to mount to it (like this)

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I have just managed to get an old laptop to boot with raspbian so there is another one for the mix

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Awesome Ben

the one you printed last week was great but as you say the Base is a bit thin

I will find one or if i cant i will make a demo for youtube and put the link here .

also thanks for the the help on the day .

The one that I left there didn’t print properly but even other one that did wasn’t tough enough

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Have had a few people offer to loan about some pies - ranging from v1 to pi zeor w.

what versions are acceptable?

I think they all will be, i know the 1.2 and 1.3 and the w work.

This is great to see, just a reminder that we can’t have unaccompanied minors at MHV - there needs to be a parent or guardian; if you want me to set it up on meetup.com/fb/twitter etc just give me a good picture to put with it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder Paul , i will get a photo to you asap

would an original raspberry pi b be useful? - If so I can lend it to you.
Found it the other day and I forgot to ask wednesday.

Yep it will thanks Ian

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