Place to buy Raspberry Pi gear?

Hi, I’m wondering where you guys buy your Raspberry Pi gear from. I’d like to pickup a few bits and pieces for a little project idea I have but I’m unsure of good, reliable Australian suppliers.

I usually get my stuff from either element14, rs online or littlebird electronics. Littlebird is a touch pricy but they have excellent customer service are very reliable and they are very quick.

Unlike a lot of suppliers, overnight is overnight, I ordered a pi zero from them for $15 bob (plus shipping) on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday which they had local stock of at 8:30 am and it arrived the next day to my parcel locker no problems.

Also they have a phone number, which does work and usually goes through to Markus who is the owner.

Only minor negative is some of their in stock stuff is not necessarily in their warehouse but they do make that clear on the item listing you just need to pay attention to it if you want stuff they have on hand.

Element14 is less friendly to hobbiests with raspberry pis, I haven’t ordered through rs online for pis in a while, they no longer use toll though so it’s something to keep in mind. (They use couriers please now which are a pain in the ass if you’re not home and live Southside) Element14 gives you good shipping options including auspost which is great for parcel lockers.

Both element14 and rs online have been very reliable for me other than a stock issue with element14 and some smd resistors on reel which was in stock then suddenly went to back order with 2 month lead time…

Have fun and happy electronicing



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Thank Max. I’ll give LittleBird a go. I like to support businesses that focus on good customer service.

Last time I ordered a Pi/Zero from melement14 they directed me to core-electronics. which was both cheap and very fast.

I have had great dealings with core electronics.