Opening request tomorrow Monday 17/12

Hi guys,

Are any key holders free to open up tomorrow or Tuesday, for a few hours?

I’m hoping to make a few wooden gift boxes for Christmas presents. If they turn out well, I should have some spares.


P.S. I’m not sure if this is how a make a request, if there is some other procedure, please let me know.

There’s no official way to request I don’t think. This’ll do for sure though :).

The space will be open Tuesday night from around 6:30pm. And I can do Tuesday day time as well. I’m easy with times but preferably near the night time opening. (For example, if you want 4 hours then maybe we can meet at 2:30?)

If you need I can do Monday as well.

Tuesday from 2:30 would be great :pray:. As long as you’re ok with that.

Thanks mate.

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No stress at all. See you 2:30 on Tuesday!

Don’t ever fret about requesting for the place to open. Lots of keyholders are usually planning to go in anyways. As was I.

I’ll jump in on that too thanks :+1::+1:


I’m running a bit late, sorry. I’ll be there at 3:30.

No worries. I’ll still go in at 2:30 for Andrew.

Much appreciated :+1: see you then