Nov 06, 2015 06:30PM: Random Opening (All Welcome!)

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Will be showing up to do a few random things for a couple of hours. Could possibly stay later than 8:30pm depending on how tired I am.

Open for 120.0 minutes, closing at Nov 06, 2015 08:30PM

Please check the MHV Calendar for the latest information about events.

I’ve put this out on and twitter so do let me know if it gets moved/cancelled :slight_smile:

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Had a good evening with @mon and Alistair.

3D printing and some SDR with a hackrf was done.

I managed to use the hackrf to control the 27Mhz radio controlled backhoe, but the more amazing thing was that it was done in a using gnuradio on a Linux VM running inside Virtualbox with USB passthrough on a Windows 10 host OS running on a Macbook Pro :smile:

@mon managed to teach herself to use the 3d printer and ended up with a few trinkets.

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3D printing started off rather badly, but then improved. So much fun! :smile:

There is now chalk at the space for the external blackboard too.