New downstairs graffiti, RH door

It spans the brick and door itself.

If only we could ask them to put some effort into it.

Saw it today and took a photo datestamped 18:48 2015-11-19

Just saw it today. I guess that’s one thing to look forward to when we eventually get kicked out of this place. Less graffiti.

Any ideas on how to clear it? Maybe it could just get sanded off? Or will we have to paint over it?

I’ll ask other committee tonight - we’ve had this before.

Also: we mightn’t be kicked out for a while yet :slight_smile:

@devdsp just pinging you because you have “institutional knowledge” :smiley: Is this something we work on at our own pace or are we supposed to let ACTPG know?

We paint over it under a ‘best effort’. We’ve yet to be called to task by ACTPG for not getting to any Graf quick enough, but as it’s been a week already it’d be good to get this done this weekend.

I’m not sure if we still have any of the ‘oppression gray’ paint left.

happy to attempt to use my sanding gear to give it a go at lightly sanding the door in the hope repainting isn’t required.

Although that does not help the brickwork

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This one is for Spence!

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As you can see, the roller doesn’t work very well on the concrete, if someone knows anything about paint guns that’d be great. But at least there’s no penis on our door :grinning:

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Great work!