Monday 27th January - Workshop Cleanup on Sunday

We’re going to get into the workshop area and give it a big initial clean in preparation for our upcoming Makers-in-Residence, Constance and Travis.

Also to make room for new tools, and to sort out all the things we already have!

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If we moved this to Monday (given it’s a public holiday) would that upset people?

not me i’m happier if it is Saturday

I think either day you’ll find some who will come and some who can’t. I can’t do Saturday but can do Sun and Mon.

Travis and I can come if it’s on Monday!

Ok, let’s do Monday. Given the responses so far, it seems the better option.
If people are really keen, I can open up on Sunday too.

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see you there

We will be there around 1pm!

The space is now open for the working bee