MHV opportunity to attend ScaleACT

FYI someone wrote on our Facebook group:

Thanks for the add, I was out at your place a few weeks back as part of a MeetUp group invite. The ACT scale model society has a big expo on next month. If you guys want to have a table there, I asked the organiser and he may have one free for you. Most of the tables will be taken by scale model, hobby tool, vendors, so if you think it is of value to you, I can gain confirmation.

I’m not certain of us having a table there this year, but I’m certainly keen to attend. Anyone else keen for a little group excursion? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m interested, but can’t commit until roughly the week before

Rather than create a new topic I’m just updating this old one - we got a post over on the facebook group Redirecting... :

Hi, the annual scale model club expo is interested in getting some 3d printer demonstrations/vendors. Is anyone here able to advise who I could contact? Thanks,