"MHV Has Moved" signage - does anyone own a laminator?

I’ve made some signs and printed them onto A4 which I’ll be taping up at the old space before I make it to 17 Tucana St tonight.

If someone could also print the attached file (4 copies? one for each door and the front sign) and laminate them, that’d be great :slight_smile:

mhv_moved.pdf (710.5 KB)

Argh, I can’t upload .odp files right now. If you want the original just let me know, otherwise use the PDF above

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@mon has one, so I assume we can do that

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Yep, can do! I :heart: laminating! :smiley:

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Oh wait - you said tonight… am I too late? :’(

I’ve put up my paper-only signs very badly, I’d love some thing more laminate-y if you’ve got them :slight_smile:

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Cool - I’ll aim to have them made and displayed tomorrow night :slight_smile:

Bring decent tape! Packing tape perhaps. I only had Wimpy narrow Scotch tape.

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i did see one around the space down stairs in the electronic side of the old space ?

@mon has done the laminating, i’ll get them installed tomorrow morning as we have run out of time tonight.

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Installed, 3 outside and one inside.
Missed the one on the carpark sign though.

tacked them on plus taped, so they shouldn’t be going anywhere.


Excellent, thanks guys :slight_smile:

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