MHV Community Survey

Hi everyone,

As discussed at MHV Community, I’ve created a community survey for MHV, so we can find out how the workspace can better serve the community (and get more people and projects happening!).

The survey is at and should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

I urge everyone to complete the survey :smile:

The survey will be left up for 1 week (ie. until 11pm 23rd October), after which time I will collate and publish the results. The raw data (responses) will also be published for other members to analyse it themselves.

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And we have the results of the survey:

Unfortunately, we only had 12 people complete the survey, which is quite disappointing.

This could be due to a few reasons:
-My advertising skills really suck
-The community is really this small
-The community simply isn’t interested

From the survey results themselves:
-Very few people come to the space more than 1 per fortnight
-Specialist tools, workshops and tutorials are the major reasons people come to MHV
-The MHV mailing lists and Facebook page are the major ways people keep updated with the MHV goings-on

Happy to discuss the results further…

Oops. I forgot. I take this as a reminder and will tick some boxes soon

So this is interesting… for the question “Which of the following discourage you from using the MHV makerspace?” Other was the most common response.