Last chance for tool suggestions

The next committee meeting’s coming up, and I’m gonna be presenting an omnibus of tools to buy.
Depending on how I choose to spin it, we’re either $999 over budget, or $400 below. Either way, there’s room for more tools on there.
If you haven’t already told me what you’re after, spare the committee meeting itself this’ll be your last chance to get something on the list, otherwise I’ll be adding (well, not removing) stupid s**t like a robot vacuum.
I’m doing this now, and I’ll be damned if we have to go through approving more tools after this.

Hi Ryan,
as discussed last night, we should probably add some tooling for the CNC lathe.

Hare & Forbes have 7 piece carbide insert set. My preference is to obtain this from a local company due to ongoing consumable sourcing.

We also need a live centre, a dead centre (both MT1) and a new chuck key (old one is quite worn and slipping). These can be sourced from either Ebay or AliExpress.


First link’s good, give me links to all the rest and I’ll add them all. (I need exact pricing, and links help me make sure I’m looking at the right stuff.

On reflection think we can get by without a dead centre for now.

Can’t give a link or exact price for a chuck key as I don’t known the size. Expect there’d be change out of $20.

what about this as the laser cutter?
large area and 100w?

just a suggestion i think this might be better that the k40
it’s just my opinion

or this might be more do able

For the price of the driver board on that alone you could buy 2x k40’s.
I won’t deny it’s probably better, but that’d eat the entire $4k by my guess.
The cube looks nice, worth considering (looks closer to a project than a parts kit, tho)

yep but its something to look at maybe further down the track

Having spent a little time this afternoon looking at the cube it seems real cool and in construction we could put a few of the safety features we would like in it. Being a bit of a debie downer on it I would think we may need to have some sort of Engineer commission it so we don’t end up in trouble. Now I am sure we can build a better/safer cutter than a K40 but atleast with the K40 there are experts involved in its construction

Ok np with that at all but it was a suggestion and maybe a way to increase the workable cutting area .

There was a bit of talk last wednesday night about maybe building a flat bed nc from the open build site which is something i would like to explore and maybe start a bit of a build group , is anyone interested to join in and we start building one for the space?

Hi Steve,
Openbuilds Sphinx and C-beam XL are suggested candidates.

Yep had a look at some the other night after the discussion