June 23, 2015 07:00PM: [some] of the new committee members meeting up

I’m running late, hence 7PM. I’m hoping someone else opens up earlier, it’s on the calendar for 18:30.

Everyone is free to come along, but I’m hoping to catch up with some of the new committee members.

I’m only able to stay until about 20:30 or so, please check the space probe twitter account https://twitter.com/MakeHackVoid to see if someone else has opened the space and committed to opening it for longer.

Is anyone turning up tomorrow (24th for Electronic Wednesday i.e is Alex going to be back? It’s a bit of a treck from Southside.

Hi Stephen,

In return for having a key, keyholders are required to make themselves available to opening requests such as these so feel free to E-mail the current keyholders listed at https://wiki.makehackvoid.com/voussoirs, not all of them are on Facebook or using the forums here I’m afraid.

Edit: which is another way of saying I can’t do tomorrow night, sorry!