July 5, 2016 6:30PM: GovHack 2016 Meeting

Hi Everyone,

GovHack is back on July 29 to 31 (Friday evening to Sunday evening). More info can be found here: https://www.govhack.org/

In the past people from MHV have entered and won awards! GovHack 2014 Winners

Would anyone be interested in being involved with a MHV team?

We would need people with programming/coding/web/data/design/video and other skills.

(My personal skills are in spatial data and a little experience with coding.)


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Sounds interesting. Happy to join in if the team needs additional coding skills.


I’d be happy to tag along also!

We should spend a Tuesday meet (or other night if you prefer) practicing to get something dumb/simple up and running prior to the event - some practice working as a team, and sort out what tools of the trade we’ll be wielding before we get there :slight_smile:

I do python/perl/js linuxy things. I’ve written D3.js & AngularJS apps in the past but I’m a bit rusty (most of my last 12months has been backend stuff).

Graphic designers are rarely impressed with my design skills (ie. they jump out of the nearest window).


That’s a great idea Paul. I was feeling rather nervous about the potential of us just winging it!

And Foo, it would be great to have you on the team.

I am so glad there are people at MHV who have awesome skills :smiley:

Count me in too

I has coding (Python, php, Perl, c#) and background with MySQL and

Also can 3d, kind of design electronics and maybe if all works out
fabricate PCBs

Anyone remember how we did the Travis CI?

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Hello interested GovHackers!

You can now sign up to participate here: http://portal.govhack.org/locations/act/canberra.html

We need to sign up individually, which also means that you can specify dietary requirements :slight_smile:

We can have a chat next Tuesday night (Tuesday 5 July) about how we might go about all of this. For those who can’t make it, I will take notes.

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Don’t forget - our meet up is happening tomorrow (Tuesday) night! :slight_smile:

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