Jan 19, 2016 06:30PM: Tuesday community meeting

What a fantastic turnout! Lots of new faces, some of which (thanks Paul & Alex!) got the Solidoodle going by themselves to create the MHV Space Agency’s first 3D printed part for the SatNOGS UHF helical antenna:

You can probably recognize that part in the (admittedly more nicely coloured :wink: official SatNOGS example below:

And here’s the earlier stages of a previous attempt:

New member Joshua was also along to learn more about 3D printing, so he sat with Declan to partially resurrect a long neglected printer we’ve had sitting in the space - just needs the bed heater fixed and extruder properly installed:

Ian also showed me his awesome 3D-printed smartphone case - made some time ago but I only just noticed it now:

Apparently it only took Ian 3 attempts to get this case right! Fantastic work:

Ken & Eyal had intense discussions on the finer points of ESP8266 SDK workflow:

I didn’t capture photos of Aaron’s HackRF work (I had hoped to help out a bit getting typhoon filsy’s GRC flowgraph running for the 27MHz R/C stuff), the other discussions or Owen’s SMT soldering for his antenna analyzer project or my hand-waving outside with Carlos planning our online HF SDR receiver.

Great fun tonight, looking forward to more :slight_smile: