Is this of any use?

My in laws house recently went from satellite to fibre for their internet. As such I have access to their old dish which is currently sitting under the house as well as the mounting bracket. I am wondering is this of any use to the space in our quest to get better internet? Uploading…]()


Hi Ben,

The LNB/BUC/Horn etc. assembly may be useful to have in a junk box somewhere, and the dish would be useful too one day except that it takes up space we don’t have :frowning:

I’d like to do some amateur satellite stuff in L/S-band one day (~0.4-4GHz), but the setup you have there is usually Ku-band (10-20GHz). There’s a very few amateur satellite payloads doing Ku stuff, but not much. On the other hand there’s cool radio astronomy things you can do, there’s even kits for exactly this type of dish:

And there’s also outernet: which has moved back to Ku band broadcasting, which this dish would be perfect for (given one of these kits I guess:

So in short… please keep the LNB/BUC/feed-horn assembly for me, but I can’t keep the arms & dish :slight_smile:

@Rurik, Mmm, I have room in my garden for such an ornament (legs+dish) so yes, I can keep these.

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@Rurik legs+dish still available? Where?


They are in Newcastle. I will ask my in laws

I see. Sorry, I will not be able to collect from there.