Internet at the space: the 4G experiment

Our fixed-line internet provisioning saga isn’t going well. So we now have a vodafone 4G pre-paid service (thanks @eyal for donating the modem!). As we still need about 10 more financial members to break even as it is, my intention is to recharge the pre-paid service on a regular basis for at least a few months as a donation to MHV until we figure out something else.

So please use the MakeHackVoid WiFi only for relevant hackerspacey things.


  • Any kind of web browsing that isn’t video/audio heavy is fine.
  • Video/audio heavy sites are fine as long it’s relevant to making, hacking, voiding of warranties, or of some other significance to our community.
  • Any kind of software or other downloads you need to do stuff at the space, like 3D printer software/files, etc
  • Any kind of pulling/pushing of Github/bitbucket/etc coding resources


  • Hilarious Cat/Dog/Meme etc. videos (unless you’re training a machine learning algorithm?)
  • General entertainment (TV shows, streaming radio, etc)
  • Any P2P file sharing, unless it’s legal (Eg. Linux ISOs) AND strictly needed to perform an immediate task at the space AND is terminated as soon as the file is complete

My current plan is to buy 8-10GB at a time until we see what typical usage looks like. Recharges last 180 days. The available recharge options are:

  • $30 for 4GB ($7.50/GB)
  • $40 for 6GB ($6.60/GB)
  • $50 for 8GB ($6.25/GB)
  • $60 for 10GB ($6/GB)
  • $125 for 25GB ($5/GB)

I will try to rig up some sort of dashboard somewhere showing quota remaining if it looks like this will be our solution for a while.

These do not all last 180 days.

 $30 -  4GB/ 30 days
 $40 -  6GB/ 40 days
 $50 -  8GB/180 days
 $60 - 10GB/365 days
$125 - 25GB/365 days

However, they advertise the “$40 starter pack” SIM plan (the above 6GB/40days) at $20 until 18/Oct. Should we get a few (assuming these are valid for a long time)?

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I might buy one or two for myself, however I’m honestly too lazy to go changing the SIM for the sake of $20 :slight_smile:

this has probably already been suggested/considered but vivid wireless do unlimited 4g for $90/month

we would need one of their $200 modems though

not sure how long the provisioning will take…

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How does this company exist? Nope, never heard of them. Worth a look!